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  • Available Acreage: 150 acres
  • Location: North of Elnora, inside corporate limits
  • Terrain: Flat
  • Current Use: Agriculture
  • Subject to Zoning?: No
  • Zoning Designation: None
  • Price per Acre: $5,000
  • Net Tax Rate: 8.1596



  • Rail: Indiana Rail Road
  • Rail Location: Eastside
  • Nearest Highway: IN 57
  • Nearest Interstate: I-69 (1 mile)
  • River Dock: Port of Evansville
  • Miles to Dock: 82 miles
  • Local Airport: Daviess County Airport
  • Distance to Local Airport: 22
  • Regional Airport: Indianapolis
  • Distance to Regional Airport: 100


  • Electric Company: Duke Energy
  • Voltage: 345 kv transmission line
  • Service Location: Nearby
  • Water Main Size: 6″
  • Water Company: Elnora Municipal
  • System Capacity: 78,000 gallons
  • Gas Company: Midwest Natural Gas


Daviess County Utilities


Electric power is supplied by four organizations in Daviess County.

  • Washington Light & Power serves Washington and Montgomery.
  • PSI Energy/Cinergy serves Elnora, Odon, & Plainville.
  • Daviess-Martin REMC (Hoosier Energy network) services rural areas and communities.
  • Utilities District of Western Indiana (Hoosier Energy network) serves rural areas and communities in North Eastern Daviess County.

Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) presently consists of 26 Indiana cities and towns, joined together to meet long-term demands for dependable, low-cost electrical power and energy.


Municipally-owned water utilities serve the cities of Washington, Elnora, Odon, Cannelburg and Montgomery primarily from wells average 100 feet (30 meters) in depth. Rural water is available in rural areas and volume gets counted thru municipal facilities.

Natural Gas

Two companies distribute natural gas to residential, commercial and industrial users in the area.

  • Vectren
    Washington, Montgomery, and Cannelburg are supplies 1,000 BTU content.
  • Midwest Natural Gas Corporation
    Elnora, Odon and Plainville are supplied 1,000 BTW content.

Sewage Treatment

  • Washington Disposal Plant
    Daily pumping & filtering usage: 4.0 million gal.
    Capacity: 6.0 million gal.
  • Odon Disposal Plant
    Daily pumping & filtering usage: 150,000 gal.
    Capacity: 240,000 gal.
  • Elnora Disposal Plant
    Daily pumping & filtering usage: 40,000 gal.
    Capacity: 100,000 gal.
  • Plainville Disposal Plant
    Daily pumping & filtering usage: 22,000 gal.
    Capacity: 80,000 gal.
  • Montgomery
    Two 5-acre lagoons
    Average daily usage: 90,000 gal.
    Capacity: 1.63 mil. gal.


The Daviess County Landfill is located 1.5 miles (2km) north of US 50, near the geographical center of the county. A paved road goes past the landfill entrance. In addition to accepting municipal solid waste, the landfill also receives special waste from industry based on upon special waste permits granted by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in response to application submitted by each industrial activity.

The City of Washington has a recycling station available for individuals who live within the city limits. There are other recycling stations throughout the county as well.